Buy 1 lip tint and get 1 for free at The Face Shop!

Hello, makeup junkies! Korean Skin Care brand, The Face Shop, has a surprise for you in this month of May!

The Face Shop

Everyone is entitled for this special and sweet 1+1 promo on lip and cheek tints until May 31, 2017. Ye, you’ve read it right ladies! You can now buy 1 Watery Lip and Cheek tint and get 1 for free.

Known as double-duty tints, the Watery Lip and Cheek Tint adds a pop of color to your lips as well as a natural-looking flush to your cheeks. It claims to be waterproof and transfer-proof which makes it a perfect addition to your daily kikay kit! As an everyday makeup must-have, these lip tints are truly amazing in keeping you pretty and fresh throughout the day.
The Face Shop 1+1 Lip Tint promo

Head on now to The Face Shop and take your BFF with you to score their buy-one-get-one promo for only PHP 250 pesos!

For more information, you may visit The Face Shop’s Facebook Page.

Glam up your nails with this nail polish!

You can find glitter on almost everywhere in the beauty world. In fact, it has been one of the latest trends in the nail care industry! Glitter cuticles are now everywhere in your Instagram feed so if you want to add some glitz in your fingers and toes then this nail polish might be the one that you’re looking for.

Add some sparkle to your life with IEI Rock Party Series Nail Polish!

This Taiwanese brand has a lot of surprises that are in store for a kikay girl like you! In fact, here are some of its complete shades that will help you rock the party all night… with glitz and glamour, of course!

We may be far from December but you can still bring out the Christmas season as early as now with IEI Christmas Party! This yellow, white and green shade of glitters will truly stand out on your white-coated finger nails!

IEI Christmas Party

Are you a fan of Iron Man? If yes, then the IEI Hero is the perfect match for you! With its reddish and golden hue, who would not think that this represents your favorite Marvel superhero?

IEI Hero

Slay the whole night with a pop of neon pink with the IEI Shine Queen! Show them who the real queen really is by ruling the dance floor.

IEI Shine Queen

Add brightness to your funky nails with IEI Blue Galaxy! Its silvery and bluish hue can imitate the beauty of Milky Way and Andromeda galaxy to your toes and fingers.

IEI Blue Galaxy




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Hide your period supplies in 4 quirky ways

If there is something that every girl in the world understands (aside from love), it will definitely be menstruation. Admit it, ladies! Majority of you still end up feeling embarrassed and self-conscious when the unexpected visitor comes every month.  This is the reason why many women end up trying to hide their period supplies from anyone since it is a very private matter. Who does announce that they have a blood gushing through their sensitive part, anyway?

So if you’re still worried about what you should do when your red flag comes, just follow these simple steps to keep your hygiene products a secret!

Store it safely with a waterproof bag

Sanitary napkins and tampons can be easily destroyed by moisture since it can make it unusable. Make your common household opaque zip lock bags be your best buddy while you surf on your own crimson wave without being too obvious!

Store it safely with a waterproof bag

Photo Credits: Wikihow



Place it on a separate make-up bag

Believe it or not, your own make-up bag can conceal your tampons, menstrual cups and sanitary napkins easily! All you have to do is to put them all inside,  close the bag with its zipper, clutch it then make your way to the restroom where you’ll attend your hygiene needs.

Place it on a separate make-up bag

Photo Credits: Wikihow


Pencil cases can be your best friend too!

This can be a little tricky but you can also use your pencil case in keeping your period supplies anytime and anywhere! Just a little reminder: make sure that you have cleaned your pencil case before you use it because pencil leads might poke your sanitary napkins.

Pencil cases can be your best friend too!

Photo Credits: Wikihow


Use your jacket and pants wisely

When desperate times call for desperate measures, all you have to do is to be resourceful. Unleash your ninja moves by sliding your pads or tampons between your jacket sleeves or in the back pocket of your pants.

Use your jacket and pants wisely

Photo Credits: Wikihow


Make sanitary organizers your ultimate period buddy 


It may be look like a cute coin purse on the outside but this square organizer has so much more to offer! This Women’s Sanitary Napkin Organizer will sneak in your pads and panty liners discreetly, neatly and safely.  You can even store tissues for travelling with its dimensions! Choose among its various bright colors of Pink, Red, Yellow and Blue that also comes with various designs. You’ll never have to be embarrassed anymore while carrying your period essentials. Parting the Red Sea has never been this good with these organizers!

 Napkin Organizer in RedNapkin Organizer in PinkNapkin Organizer in Blue

Napkin Organizer in Yellow


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Defend Yourself in Style with this Cute Lipstick Pepper Spray

You can never really know something deep within unless you reveal its hideous mask. It may seem like a lipstick from the outside but this incredible metal tube is more than just a cosmetic essential. Who would have thought that this is actually a pepper spray?

Yes, ladies you’ve read it right! This little cylinder container can save your life literally and figuratively.


Lipstick Pepper Spray in Violet Lipstick Pepper Spray in Orange

It’s a cute and small tube that houses a strong self-defense spray which can be stored on your purse. Don’t underestimate the power of this clever lipstick pepper spray though! It might be compact but it acts as a strong irritant that directly affects to your attacker’s eyes and skin. So if you ever feel afraid and uncomfortable on your environment, don’t hesitate to bring this out and give your opponent’s blast of pepper spray.

This cute pepper spray comes in two vibrant colors of orange and violet.

Putting your safety should always be every girl’s priority! Danger does not choose any place and any time so having a sense of extra protection with the lipstick pepper spray can keep save you from harm.


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Must-Try this Summer: Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint

There are 2 kinds of tints in the world. One is from wine and the other is for lips. But is it possible to find it both in just one product? That’s what Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint proves as it made its way in the Philippine shores!Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tints

For those of you who are wondering, these gorgeous lip tints are actually made of real wine. Yes, you’ve read it right girls! It contains extracts from France’s premium wine which would definitely pop a color to your pouty lips. Of course, they also smell like wine too. This highly pigmented lip tints claim to hydrate your lips throughout the day!

Here are some of its lip-smacking shades:

Blush Pink

Blush Pink is a bright bubble gum pink shade and is the lightest among the rest of the lip tints.


Shiraz Red

A classy and super opaque red shade is what Shiraz Red offers.


Nebbiolo Red

If you want a perfect balance between pink and red then Nebbiolo Red should be your go-to shade.

Every beauty junkie will surely love its fancy packaging which looks like fine miniature wine bottles. Who doesn’t want to have these cute lip tints on their make-up bags?

This summer season, it’s time to welcome change by switching to fuss-free make-up looks. Save your drying matte lipsticks for the -Ber months and welcome change with these adorable long-lasting stains that will surely give you kissable lips against the tremendous heat on the beach!

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5 Perfect Perfumes for Girls Who Commute

It still might not be official for PAG-ASA but for everyone who’s been out and experiencing the tremendous heat, it’s already summer. For girls who always master the art of riding public transportation, it has always been a struggle to stay fresh and smell fab. Since it’s already the season again of excessive sweating, owning a long-lasting and summery perfume would be a big help to solve your daily problem of getting stinky!

So take down your notes, ladies because it’s time for you to know these 5 perfect scents that we’ll keep you going this summer!



Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Eau De Toilette

Crisp green scents like the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Eau De Toilette are perfect to wear in the summer heat! The combination of green tea, magnolia and passion flower makes it refreshing and light which makes it the go-to perfume of every women who are always on-the-go.


Victoria's Secret Mango Temptation Body Mist

Unleash your inner sultry angel as you spray this Victoria’s Secret Mango Temptation Body Mist. With its exotic yet fruity fragrance of mango nectar and hibiscus, you’ll surely smell sweet and vibrant the whole day!


Bath and Body Works Sun Ripened Raspberry Fine Fragrance Mist

It’s time for you to be scent-sational while conquering the bright sunlight with this Bath and Body Works Sun Ripened Raspberry Fine Fragrance Mist! Carefully crafted from sweet raspberries, this classic fragrance will make you spritz for more.

Bath and Body Works Cotton Blossom Fragrance Mist

If you want to smell like someone who just got out from a shower then this Bath and Body Works Cotton Blossom Fragrance Mist should be ultimate choice!  With its powdery yet floral scent extracted from Sun Dried Linen Accord, Fresh Grass and Crisp Mandarin, getting a fresh cotton blossom scent instantly will never be a problem.


Victoria's Secret Love Spell

Enchant everyone while travelling in your destination with Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Night.  Bring out the floral smell of Cherry blossoms with the juicy hint of peach that will truly last longer than you ever imagined!

Getting that stinky smell of sun and sweat will never be a valid excuse. Stay fresh and smell glamorous with these irresistible fragrances!

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Achieve your #hairgoals with Eye Candy Rainbow Brush!

Is your hair lifeless every day?  Then maybe you’ll find the answer to your limp hair woes somewhere over the rainbow!

Make your hair fully alive with the Eye Candy Rainbow Volume Brush!

Eye candy volume brush with box

This Korean brand hairbrush claims to reach the maximum potential of your crowning glory by adding maximum volume and fullness with everyday use without mousses and hairsprays. Yes, you’ve read it right! Without. Mousses. And. Hairsprays!


Eye Candy Rainbow Volume Brush

As it name shows, the brush was made with colorful bristles. It also comes with a back mirror which is perfect for kikay girls out there. You can re-touch your make-up through its mirror after combing your hair to achieve your #hairgoals. Now, that’s hitting two birds with one stone!

How it fulfills its promiseEye Candy Rainbow Volume Brush With Back Mirror

See that S shaped bristles? That’s where the Eye Candy Rainbow volume makes its miracle. These bristles are the secret behind its volume-boosting properties. They usually create air pockets as they penetrate through your locks. Unlike ordinary hairbrushes, this wonder brush removes all the frizzes without getting stuck in your hair. In addition to that, it also leaves your hair softer, smoother and shinier than before. Its bristles can also massage your scalp well.   There’s no wonder why girls from other parts of the globe have gone crazy over this cute little comb!

The verdict

If you have a flat and thin hair, then the Eye Candy Rainbow Volume Brush is your perfect companion! However, this magical brush also works for all hair types. With its unique features, this small but powerful brush can solve your #badhairday problems.  This is indeed the answer to your limp hair woes and yes, the answer is now found somewhere over the rainbow. So don’t be afraid to wear your crowning glory loud and proud!

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Back-to-Back Safe Hair Styling Tools from Online Shopping in Philippines

Each woman needs hair styling tools from Online Shopping in Philippines to keep their hair amazing in every occasion because a woman’s hair is one of the essential parts of their being as it reflects personal hygiene and affects overall look.

Back-to-Back Safe Hair Styling Tools from Online Shopping in Philippines (2)

It is very important to take care of the hair; there are many shampoos, conditioners and other hair products that provide ultimate care and can make it healthier. When someone have put a lot of effort in taking care of their hair, they don’t want to ruin it by using unsafe hair styling tools that can burn or dry the hair, but there are few shops that offer high quality hair products and tools. To feed the excitement, here’s the back-to-back safe hair styling tools from online shopping in Philippines.

Nova 2 in 1 Hair Curler and Straightener

Nova 2 in 1 Hair Curler and Straightener

Nova 2 in 1 Hair Curler and Straightener is a safe, reliable and handy tool that can perform a double job for the hair. This tool can safely curl or straight the hair and is made for styling without dryness and frizz. Having nova hair styling tool can help save extra cash by preventing the user from visiting the salon.

Electronic Curler and Straightener Hairbrush

Electronic Curler and Straightener Hairbrush

An Electronic Curler and Straightener Hairbrush can make the work easier and faster because of its function. Just plug and brush to get the desire hair look. If the hairbrush has several ups, it also has its downs. Yes, it’s faster and easier to use than the usual curler and straightener but technically, the latter is a little bit more effective. Busy people would pick this hair styling tool over the usual curler and straightener but for those who want to have a more perfect look, putting some effort won’t hurt them and would definitely choose the usual curler and straightener.

This Back-to-Back Safe Hair Styling Tools from Online Shopping in Philippines can be bought at affordable prices. Grab yours now and get an amazing hair without costing too much money and time!


Fit & Strong with HIT ARENA at Paranaque and Shaw Boulevard

HIT Arena is a circuit training gym with daily programs designed for weight and fat loss, strength, conditioning and athletic performance.  HIT Arena offers hourly training sessions starting 7am headed by an experienced trainer.

Hit Arena


Hit Arena

HIT Arena Branches

  • 2nd Floor Aurora Building Aguirre Ave, BF Homes Paranaque

Operating hours: Mon-Fri 7am to 9pm / Sat 9am to 9pm

Contact number: 0977-1956090

  • HIT Arena Elite – Gatorade Hoops Center, Mandala Park Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong

Operating hours: Mon-Sat 7am to 10pm

Contact number: 0915-8834126

Before you hit the gym, get a Slimming Exercise Belt Binder as it helps flatten stomach and shape abs! Buy it from Online Shopping Philippines for only ₱449.00.

HIT Arena Programs:

HIT RUSH (Available the whole day)

This program lasts for about 45mins to an hour. this program is designed for people who wants to lose weight. It consists of 3 – 4 rounds with 8 exercise stations, each station lasting about 30 seconds per exercise. A break of 1 minute will be given after each round.

HIT FORCE (Available starting 2pm)

Specifically for people who wants to gain muscle mass. This concentrates mainly on muscle growth so heavier weights are used in this program. It lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour with 3 rounds of intense workout. A break of 1 minute will be given each round.

SHORTCIRCUIT (Available the whole day)

Designed for people ON-THE-GO, this HIIT training lasts only for 30mins and you can start whenever you please  without having to wait for a schedule. An exercise board is provided for you to follow and complete within 30 mins. this focuses mainly on both strength and endurance.

HIT FIT (Available in BF Homes Branch 10am MWF)

Program led by a Crossfit L-1 Trainer. Combines a wide variety of functional

movements into a timed or scored workout.

KETTLEBELL (Available in BF Homes Branch 6pm onwards TTH)

A 30-40 minute program using a cast-iron or cast steel weight (resembling a cannonball

with a handle).  It involves exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength training.

HIT MINUTE (Available in BF Homes Branch 6pm onwards MWF)

Ideal for people who wants to lose fat and get lean.  Finishing a series of workout every minute or less for 20minutes (20 rounds). 

HITSTRIKE (Available in BF Homes Branch  10am onwards Mon-Sat)

This program will definitely be enjoyed by the young and old alike. It comprises mainly of boxing and Muay Thai.

HIT’s well rounded trainers have made a career out of competing and training all their lives that makes them the best in the business.

HIT Arena Elite in Gatorade Hoops Center is also available for OPEN GYM from 7am to 2pm.  Client may workout on a designated area for his own program.

Other classes offered in HIT Arena Elite are :

Aerial Hoop Monday 7pm

Pole Dance Monday 8pm

Pole Fitness Wednesday 7pm

Diva Slap Dance Wednesday 8pm

Zumba Fitness Tuesdays & Thursdays 7pm

Yoga (Starting October – schedule to be announced)

Check out our social media pages for rates and schedule.






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