The Secret of Having Thin and Sexy Arms

woman exercising to obtain thin and sexy arms

When you’re in a hot country, wearing sleeveless top is just normal. But what if you’re too embarrassed to take off your sweater because you might reveal something big? Yes. I’m talking about the flabby arms. Many women are getting conscious because of this problem, are you one of them? There is an option to get strong and toned arms: Arm Slimming Exercises

Before trying to do desperate push-ups or using dumbbells, here are some facts that can help you escalate the opportunity to have great arms. First, you must know how much kg fits your body, don’t force yourself to something that you cannot lift. Second, do not overdo the workout; the muscle rebuilds in the sore periods so if you continue through that, you won’t get the toning advantage. Lastly, eating protein can help you boost muscle.

Now, let’s proceed to the exercises

Push up – Lie down and face the floor, keep your back straight and raise your body by pressing down using your hands.

Dumbbell Curls – This exercise is one of the leading arm exercises because they keep the arms in a constant path. Begin with your palms facing ahead, Curl the weight while contracting your biceps.

Hammer Curls – This exercise uses the forearms more to give emphasis on the biceps. To do this, you must stand up with your body upright, hold the dumbbell on each hand. Your palms should be facing your upper body. Next, curl the weight forward while contracting the biceps.

Tricep Kickbacks – Start with dumbbell in each hand, face your palms to your torso. Keep your back straight while bending the knees slightly and bend forward at the waist. Straighten the arm to raise the dumbbell and make a kickback movement. Lower back the weight to the starting point.

Dumbbell Overhead Press – Hold the dumbbells on the side of your shoulders; push them against the sky to extend your arm.

Attractive and strong arms are obtainable at any age. You can improve the appearance of your body through exercise and proper diet.

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